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Parent Workshop Registration

​Thank you for your interest in our Montessori program!


We look forward to connecting with you at our next Montessori Workshop for Parents.  


Please note: Child care will not be provided during the workshop. Please make alternate arrangements for care for your children, as this workshop is tailored specifically for parents. 


Enrollment information and applications will be available at the workshop for the school year, as well as information about our Summer Program. 

For more details about our enrollment process, please visit the Enrollment page.

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During this workshop, we will try to give you a glimpse of how a child experiences our classroom on a daily basis:

• Arrive and Explore Montessori Curriculum Areas 

• Group Gathering and Program Overview 

• Enrollment Process 

• Questions and Wrap Up 

There will be Applications for Admission for the school year available at the workshop. 

Register for the next Parent Workshop

No upcoming events at the moment

The first time our family entered the Bend Montessori classroom, the energy, productivity, and passion for learning were palpable; and there was a deep-rooted peacefulness otherwise unknown to us when confronted with a large group of toddlers.  We watched with awe as our oldest son flourished and found his voice in the safety and structured environment.  His natural inquisitive spark has been nurtured and grown into a great thirst for learning. Montessori has given him the tools to pursue his interests unabated and with confidence.  Simply put: after four years of Bend Montessori, he is unstoppable!  Our youngest has also benefited greatly from the experience.  As an older child in the classroom, he takes immense ownership and pride in helping the younger students.  He absolutely loves school and asks on the weekends if its a school day yet!

— Elliot and Issac’s Dad

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