Bend Montessori has been a wonderful experience for our son Jake.  Miss Jessica and her incredible staff of teachers create an environment that is safe, educational, stimulating and fun for all of the kids.  At school and at home, Jake now enjoys working independently and in a group setting.  The focus on independence in the Montessori teaching has done wonders for his confidence and pride in doing things all on his own.   Jake is always excited to share the “work” he has done in math with Mr. Kevin and Miss Jessica.  He can’t get enough of gym class and yoga because “it’s so important for his body to exercise”.  We are so impressed by Jake’s exposure to practical life, writing, math, music, art, gym and science every week.  It is truly a tour de force by Miss Jessica and her staff to offer such diverse opportunities every week to the students.  I can’t say enough good things about the amazing teachers at Bend Montessori.  Miss Jessica’s love for her students and the Montessori education is reflected in every way at her school.  She is obviously doing what she loves!!  Lucky for us!

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