Bend Montessori School yoga specialist programThe following steps outline our process for admission at Bend Montessori School. Please contact our school using the form below to share your interest in learning more about enrollment in our programs. We look forward to helping your children grow!

Parent visit to classroom. 

This initial visit is an opportunity for you, the parents, to experience our classroom and observe the work of the children. We ask that you find alternative care for your children during this visit, so that you may get a true sense of how our day unfolds.

Invitation for child to visit classroom.

If, after your initial visit, you feel like our school programs may be a good fit for your family, we invite your child to join us for a morning. Parents may stay to observe or leave for a bit, depending on how your child adapts to our classroom environment. This visit gives your family an opportunity to share the language of your experience in our classroom with your child. Who did you meet? What did you see? What activities did you like? What are the names of the new friends that you made?

Enrollment meeting with Directress.

At this time, your completed application will be reviewed. This meeting is intended to connect with families, to go over the expectations that you have as parents for your child’s educational experience with us, and for us to communicate what you may expect from us during your time in our school community. It is also a time to answer any questions you may have about our programs specifically, or about Montessori education in general.

Acceptance notification.

You will be mailed an acceptance notification letter once your child is accepted in our program. At this time, you will also receive our Family Handbook as well as important forms for us to have on file as we begin our journey with your family.

If there is no space available at the time of your Enrollment Meeting, your family will be placed on a waiting list, and you will be notified of your place on the list in your acceptance notification letter.

Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.

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