Bend Montessori School VisionThe vision for Bend Montessori is to offer a beautiful, comprehensive early childhood experience. From preschool through age 9, teachers track each child’s learning and development and build on their previous experiences. We guide children through the early stages of independence as preschoolers and help them expand and learn to operate within society in their lower elementary years.

Message from Miss Jessica

I spent many winter nights under Central Oregon stars having conversations with my good friend and Montessori graduate Libby Nickel about Montessori education in Bend.  She attended Lake Country School in Minneapolis from ages 3 through 14. Her view of the world has captivated me since the day our friendship was cultivated in high school. While I was in college, I found myself surrounded by friends that also had Montessori beginnings and was inspired by their deep respect and love for other people. While working in various Montessori classrooms, I remembered my own time in a Montessori preschool program, in the church across from my grandmother’s house, where I spent much of my childhood.

I love that our school programs are located in the heart of Bend, where we can honor the history of what has been here before us, and cultivate the seeds for what lies ahead, in the same space.

I recently attended a Montessori conference in Portland, and picked up a little red book titled, “Maria Montessori Sails to America: a private diary, 1913”. On the 21 of November, 1913, she writes of her child, “He is a great being. I have felt his soul, strong, gentle, generous, passionate; he has an infinitely profound wisdom and love. It is for him that I have lived—he is the creator of everything that is happening—it is for him that all this is taking place.”

I feel exactly this way for every child I know.

I invite you to experience our school community!

Great teachers, I believe, carry with them a larger vision of the purpose of a class than the goal of any particular lesson. They look not only at the child in front of them but also at the adult emerging from these sensitive years. In daily interactions they hope to foster men and women who know deep down that there is more to life than what they observe with their senses, who pause to appreciate the wonder of the universe and who honor its ineffable questions, who feel a deep reverence for the Earth and all living things, who believe that life is filled with meaning and are optimistic about the future, who have the courage to voice their inner convictions and to live by them, who are able to rise above self-interest and self-gratification to take some significant steps for the good of humanity, who cherish peace within themselves and strive for peace in their relationships and for peace in the world. –From Nurturing the Spirit by Aline D. Wolf.