Bend Montessori School Directress Jessica BornJessica is passionate about early childhood and elementary education. Her vision for her students, their families, and the community is to support the development of children on their path to becoming graceful, courteous individuals who are concerned about the welfare of others and the environment. Her deep belief in the Montessori approach is visible in all of Jessica’s interactions. Whether she is teaching young children, working with her staff, or meeting with community members, Jessica looks for the aptitude and interests each person can offer.

Knowing she wanted to work with children, Jessica built her educational foundation and understanding of holistic family thinking with a BA in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon.  In 2001, she moved to Bend to pursue an Americorps placement, and worked for several community non-profits  including NeighborImpact, Wolftree, and The Environmental Center.

In college, Jessica became interested in the Montessori approach after realizing that there was a common thread between her dearest friends: their view of life was one of deep respect and love for other people, and they had all gone through Montessori programs. While working on her Masters of Arts in Teaching from OSU-Cascades, and as an advocate for her own, self-directed learning, she pushed to do her practicum teaching in a Montessori school.  At the time, there were no Montessori schools on the pre-approved practicum placement list.  Jessica followed up this experience by obtaining her Preschool/Kindergarten Montessori Diploma from the North American Montessori Center.

Compassionate and courageous, Jessica is quick to smile. Often, you’ll hear her kind laughter before you see her. She shares this joy with her students and the school’s staff, with parent and grandparents, and with the community members she gracefully encounters.